Clean Floor Store has a great selection of microfiber mops, cloths, and quality cleaners to keep your floor surfaces looking their best. Microfiber mops are ideal for hardwood floor care. Microfiber Floor Cleaners Or Mops

They pick up and trap dirt so it doesn’t fly  around.  Clean Floor Store has a website  that offers different products for hardwood floor care.  They have a high grade industrial mop that  has a mop head that rotates a full 360 degrees.   It comes with 2 wet pads and 2 dust pads that are machine washable.  The bucketless mop is also sold on this  site.  It has a push button flow control  that releases cleaning fluid, but only when you need it.  Other features of this mop are an  anti-clogging filter, angled cleaning head, and a microfiber cleaning pad  that’s washable.  They also offer a product called Glista hardwood floor cleaner that safely cleans all unwaxed  floors and leaves no dulling residue.  It  contains an advanced formula with a clear non-wax

MacMop specializes in  quality hardwood floors and hardwood floor care products.  Their products include MacMop™, which comes  in a floor care kit.  The MacMop™ cleans  hard surface floors and removes dust, grease, and dirt.  This kit comes with a guide called  How-to-Care-For-Your Wood Floors.  Their  hardwood floor cleaner also comes with the mop kit or you can buy it separately.  The easy hardwood floor cleaner  is recommended for wood surfaces that have sealed polyurethane finishes.  MacMop also offers an easy hardwood floor care  polish that’s made of fast drying water-based urethane.  Other products include a microfiber  replacement cover, polish applicator pad, and duster cover by BonaKemi.  For more information go to:  

Casabella clean is the name  of a website that also offers wood floor cleaning products that won’t damage  your hardwood floors.  Their products  include Real Simple® microfiber floor cleaner that attracts dirt.  This floor cleaner is beneficial for hardwood  floor care because you don’t need to use harmful chemicals.  The scraper insert removes dirt that is hard  to get up.  The neck is flexible so you  can clean in places that are difficult to reach.  The extendable microfiber cleaner is perfect  for different kinds of floors including hardwood.  The Casabella® Cares microfiber floor cleaner with refill has a microfiber head that is washable and replaceable.  You can use these cleaners dry or moistened  with water for extra strength. Variety Of Products For Hardwood Floors

A website called Floors  Etcetera, Inc. has a complete line of hardwood floor products to help you  maintain your hardwood floors.  For  hardwood floors with a polyurethane finish, there are products such as Premium  Swedish Formula® MicroPlus TM hardwood floor care formula, and Bona® Swedish  Formula hardwood floor cleaner.  Other  products that can be used for the care of hardwood surfaces are the Swedish  Formula® MicroPlus TM replacement pad and MicroPlus TM floor cleaning  cloths.  You can also find directions on  this site for cleaning hardwood floors.   Go to:

Armstrong has a website with  a variety of hardwood floor care products.   Armstrong Total Care is a liquid paste wax for hardwood floors that are  light colored and waxed.  This product is  good for old hardwood floor care because it will revitalize the floor with a  protective shine.  This product also  cleans and polishes hardwood floors that are waxed, sealed, stained, or  oiled.  Another product sold on this site  is Armstrong Restore Hardwood Floor Finish.   This is a semi-gloss urethane coating for all unwaxed urethane finished  hardware floors.  This product is also  good for old hardwood floor care and can be used as an alternative to sanding  and recoating.  To find all their  products, go to:

Wicks Wood floors have a  variety of products to keep your hardwood floors clean and in good shape.  They offer a water based formula called  Wick’s hardwood floor cleaner that can be safely used on unwaxed hardwood  floors to remove spots, spills, and much more.   They also offer a maintenance kit that comes with a specially designed  mop, a washable mop head, and a bottle of Wicks floor cleaner.  Other kits available are Wicks kit and Wicks  kit deluxe.  They also sell Bona hardwood  floor care and scuff shield. Water Based And Non-Toxic Products

Orange Glo hardware floor  cleaner is a water based and non-toxic cleaner designed for polyurethane  finished floors.  You don’t need to  dilute or mix this cleaner, because it’s full strength and all you’ll need to  do is use it.  Orange Glo hardwood floor  refinisher is a product that’s used for worn or dull hardwood floors.  It will leave your floor with a clear and  durable gloss shine.  Orange Glo hardwood  floor cleaner and polish system includes an Orange Glo mop head with a 3 piece  pole, Orange Glo hardwood floor cleaner, two bottles of Orange Glo wood floor  cleaner, two orange glo microfiber cleaning pads, and a microfiber dusting  pad.  For more information go to:

Synteko Best is a  water-based non-toxic polyurethane hardwood floor finish.  It’s great for areas that get a lot of  traffic.  This product come in matte,  satin, and gloss.  It’s resistant to  things such as wear, scratching, scuffing, and chemicals.  There’s no need for a sealer on top of  stained floors.  Its cross-linking  formula causes it to dry hard very fast.   You can find more information about this product at:

Natural Interiors sells  non-toxic products for hardwood floors including old hardwood floor care.  Bio Shield floor milk can be used on  different kinds of sealed and waxed floors including wood.  It builds a dirt resistant, water resistant,  anti-static coating on your floor.  Bio  Shield floor soap protects interior floors made of wood, cork, linoleum, and  stone.  It can be used on oil and waxed  floors.  This product contains fats that  revive surfaces and resins to protect floors.   Safecoat Safe Seal is a waterbased and low gloss sealer.  It is used to seal in formaldehyde outgassing  in processed wood including plywood, particle board, and pressed Saperecom WebsitesMore Ideas For Your HomeCopyright © 2013 Saperecom LLC, All rights reserved.